Checklists in VERIFYiQ

VERIFYiQ saves you time because its algorithm catches up to 80% of the most common accounting errors.  However, there are always client-specific issues that bookkeepers and accountants need to remember to review.  There can also be non-financial actions needed once the file review is complete. Checklists are perfect for tracking these tedious action items.

How bookkeepers are using Checklists

Here are just a few examples of items that could belong on a recurring client-specific checklist.

Creating your first Checklist

To build a client-specific Checklist, run a file review for that client and then add an item to the Checklist tab as follows:

1. Navigate to the Checklist tab and add a new item:

2. Type any label text you want and then hit enter.  This adds the item to every future review for this client, regardless of which user is performing that review:

Checklists become feature requests

Each checklist item that you add is a vote on which test we should include in our next app update.  By aggregating all checklist items across VERIFYiQ, we can identify the “most requested test”.  The more you use the Checklist, the more VERIFYiQ will improve.  We will be able to identify more errors, even if they are client-specific.

As usual, if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out via in-app chat!

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