Optional Customization

VERIFYiQ's test engine has a standardized set of rules that function out of the box.  No configuration is required.  However, over time you may find that certain accounts or line items are being flagged that you'd rather not see.  

How Custom Rules Work

Test rules can be modified by client, and the changes you make will persist across multiple reviews of that client until you make further changes.  Relevant transactions will still appear in your File Review report, but will now be marked Correct.

Accessing Custom Rules

Begin a File Review for the client.  Once the scan is complete, click Test Rules.

Excluding Accounts

For Reconciliation, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet, you can choose accounts to be excluded from analysis going forward.  Simply select from the drop-down:

Modifying General Ledger

By default, VERIFYiQ flags qualifying items over $2000 as a warning on the General Ledger.  This threshold can be modified to whatever value you like.

Adjusting thresholds for A/R and A/P

Set client-specific severity thresholds for alerts on aging payables and receivables. Defaults are 60 and 90 days.

Implementing Changes

  1. Click SAVE to return to the File Review

  2. RE-SCAN the file.  Changes will be effective upon re-scan, and for every future scan of this client.

Implementing Changes Practice-Wide

Our customer success team can help you apply a set of custom rules practice-wide. Simply message our team and we can support you via our concierge service.

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