When conducting a review, communication between a bookkeeper and their manager is best captured in context.  Queries allow you to do just that.

How it works

Within a VERIFYiQ file review, comments are always attached to Query.  A Query is a task relating exclusively to this file review.  Three actions can be taken:

  1. A Query can be opened or initiated;

  2. A Query can be commented on; and

  3. A Query can be closed.

Opening a new query

Select the "+" button in the right-hand margin:

Select which section you'd like to apply it to from the drop-down.  Also add a title and any comments to provide as much clarity as possible:

How Queries appear

Along the right-hand margin, all queries are listed showing their:

  • Title;

  • Tab that they relate to; and

  • Number of comments made in a threaded discussion

Commenting on a Query

To add a comment in the thread, click on the query and enter your comment in the large grey box.  Hit "Comment" once done typing.

Discussion back and forth is threaded with timestamps and user names:

Closing a Query

Once everyone is satisfied this problem has been worked to proper resolution, click "Close Query" to clear it from the list.  When finishing a file review, all Queries should be closed off.

Summary Comments

Both a Bookkeeper and Reviewer can add general summary comments that are included with notifications when a review is sent to another user.

Enabling Queries and Commenting

Please note that support for these collaboration tools require multiple users to be linked and are only available with certain subscriptions.  Message us to see if your current plan qualifies!

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