Step 1 - Add and configure your client file

  • Add a new client

  • Fill in basic information about the client

  • Connect this new client to your QBO or Xero account

Step 2 - Select Review Period + Assign Roles + Start File Review

  • Select dates for this review. 

  • Assign Bookkeeper and Reviewer roles. (If working alone, assign yourself to both)

Note: each review session has its unique date range.  If you'd like to change the date range, you first need to Complete or Cancel the current review, and then open a NEW review for the desired date range.

Step 3 - Customize Test Rules (Optional)

  • If you see too many false positives or if you just want to adjust the parameters, you can do so in the "Test Rules" section on the right side of the screen.

  • NOTE:  After changing Custom Rules, you will need to Re-Scan for the changes to take effect.  The Custom Rules will now apply to all future scans of this client (during the current review and all future reviews) until you make any further changes.

Step 4 - Go through each tab and address each problem

  • Go through each tab and address any flagged issues. Each tab reviews a different aspect of your Accounting File and it flags any potential issues. To see a detailed guide on what each screen does, click here

  • The highlighted errors would have to be adjusted back in your Accounting File so that the original entry can be fixed.

  • If you see too many false positives, then the VERIFYiQ parameters are set too broadly. For example, if you want to exclude a bank account from the Reconciliation Test, you can adjust/exclude it in "Custom Rules" (Step 4 above)

Step 5 - Re-scan to double-check your work

  • VERIFYiQ re-scans your Accounting File and double-checks all of your work to ensure that you have addressed all flags.

Step 6 - Submit the file review to your Reviewer

  • They will automatically be notified of your submission.

Step 7 - REVIEWER: Discuss any outstanding issues with your bookkeeper in-app. If needed, send the file back to the Bookkeeper for further work.

  • Notifications are sent back and forth with each comment and hand-off.

Step 8 - REVIEWER: Manually override any outstanding items keeping you from 100%

  • VERIFYiQ may flag items that are in fact correct. Thus, no adjustment is needed. Go ahead and manually adjust the status by clicking on the indicators.

Step 9 - Once the Review Session is complete, click "Complete" and move onto your next file!

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