Review History in VERIFYiQ

VERIFYiQ saves you time because its algorithm catches up to 80% of the most common accounting errors for whatever date range you select. However, sometimes you need to see how a file has been corrected over time. To this end, VERIFYiQ creates an audit trail of past completed reviews to reference, including any queries or comments made by your team.

How to access Review History

Within an active review:

Click "Review History" on any active review

From the Client List:

Select "Review History" from the client drop-down menu

How teams are using Review History

Clients sometimes need to be shown catchup progress. Archived reports allow you to present iterative scans of the same file date range over time, quantifying progress on clean-up projects. This "before and after" comparison can be used to assess your team's efforts.

Occasionally, some issues persist in an account for months and months only to be discovered downstream. Looking back at this audit trail helps assess how long an accounting or bookkeeping error has existed in the file.

As usual, if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out via in-app chat!

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